About Us

Proclaimers ChurchOur software was born out of a vibrant Church called Proclaimers. Our services have a finish time and we want to stick to it. This means we can invite visitors along, tell them when the service will finish, and the event will finish when we said it would. We started by creating a simple timer that would show each speaker on the stage how long they had left. We put a computer screen at the front of the stage and a laptop next to the sound desk to run the software. This was a great start and a big step in the right direction.

Our stage managers and organisers also wanted to know how things were running, so we gave them each a computer screen. This helped a lot and worked for us, except the organisers sit in the audience. We found it was quite distracting for the rest of the audience having a screen with a timer on that flashes red when things run over. We stuck with it for a couple of years anyway. In this time, we came up with a couple of other features that would benefit us.

We re-wrote the software from the ground up, bearing these things in mind. Some new features included viewing the timer over the internet so our organisers could discretely view the timer on a smartphone, adding reminders to cues, and calculating the scheduled finish time. This gave us something that worked really well for us, and that we could be proud of. We realised that the software was not only useful for our Church services, but also for conferences, meetings and solo presentations. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We created this website to help spread the word and allow like-minded people to join us in running efficient live events and presentations that finish on time.

We hope you will also find our software useful. We are always open to new suggestions so if there’s anything you don’t like, or any features that would really benefit you, then send us an email and we will get back to you if we need any more information.

If you’re interested, our marketing is handled by Harrison Marketing.